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Looking for Good Chemical Seals or "Epoxy"


We’re working on an ROV that dives only 10 meters max, some devices we have in the available local market are unsealed sensors so we fill it all up in epoxy, but the local epoxy we have is rubbish, it’s mostly steel epoxy that comes off in a few days and the sensors fail to continue working properly.

Does anybody know the name of the epoxy that seals the T-100 and T-200? and if it’s available online for us to order and ship.

Hi Mostafa,
‘G-Flex epoxy’, made by Wessex Resins & Adhesives was recommended to me as an alternative option for covering the connections on the motors, and I although I have not used it on motors yet I have used it on other subsea sealing/adhesive applications. It sticks well to a large range of rubber and metals, and remains slightly flexible. I have not seen it go brittle, so that should be an improvement over what you’re using presently. It’s slower than most to cure, but it’s a small price to pay for the performance.I got mine on eBay.

I just use LocTite Marine Epoxy available at the local stores.