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Watertight T100 Mount for boat

(Darren Stanley Smith) #1

I need a watertight T100 mount for my boat.

My current setup uses a T100 and the standard mount through bolted to the hull. There’s a second T100 mount on the inside of the hull to act as a ‘sandwich’. Thus as the mount bolts are tightened (in theory) the two brackets pull towards one another. I injected silicon prior to tightening in the hopes of forcing excess silicon through any gaps and thus preventing any leaks.

But there are leaks. Possibly around where the cables have gone through the hull. (I drilled a hole through both mounting brackets and the hull for the cable to pass through). Perhaps the silicon isn’t bonding to the cable sufficiently, or I need a better design.

I’m open to all suggestions. Especially those accompanied with 3D print files!

(Kaos) #2

Have a look at cable gland nuts for the cable entry into the boat. They come in different sizes for different cable so get the right size. They tighten onto round cable well and are used as deck fittings for waterproofing cable entry on boats. Your local boat Chandlers should sell them

(Darren Stanley Smith) #3

Good suggestion. I’m on my way to get some glands. I had thought about the hull penetrator form BR but the shipping to AUS is too dear.

What would you recommend sealing them with? Silicon or epoxy?
Thanks mate!

(Kaos) #4

I have used silicone under the gland nuts usually. No experience potting wires with epoxy, sorry. If using epoxy tho, probably best to scuff cable sheath with sandpaper to key it up for the epoxy to grip to. Don’t forget to wipe cable sheath with isopropyl alcohol or similar, to get rid of all contamination before sealing.
Hope this helps

(Spally) #5

You can try these. They work well as long as you have internal access to tighten them.


(undersearobotics.com) #6

@darren-stanley-smith What boat are you using? Looks like a side scan transducer in the back?

(Jacob) #7

If you use isopropyl (or any solvent for that matter) to clean up before using epoxy, be sure to give the surface plenty of time for the solvent to evaporate. The solvent can prevent the epoxy from curing correctly.

(Darren Stanley Smith) #8

@paul-unterweiser Correct, that is a sidescan sonar on my boat. Hull was Made by a guy in Victoria and I did the fit out.

His details; @konpago1953
0419870677 , or remopwatercraft@gmail.com

(Darren Stanley Smith) #9

Thx @jspall. Jaycar seems to get all my money …

Altronics has them too, for 1/2 the price and in white.

(Kon Pagonidis) #10

Hi Darren did you get my emails with the photos of the new boat . Kostas.

(Jacob) #11

@konpago1953 @darren-stanley-smith, if you use @ to mention someone, they will get an email notification.