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Potting unstripped T200 cable

I am building a BR based photo-type where I am running the motor wires for some length inside the wtc before they join the ESCs. I have noticed that the T200 motor cable can fit neatly through an 8mm penetrator and I would like to leave the original black jacket on the cable inside the wtc just for that extra bit of protection. I am concerned that doing so may allow for moisture wicking to occur along the jacket. Anybody tried it or have any advice?

photo-type that should read.


Hi John, I would strongly recommend stripping the jacket and potting the cable penetrator as shown in these pictures. We consider this step to be one of the key elements of properly sealing the penetrator.

If you allow the jacket to extend all the way through the connector, then any knick or hole in the jacket will provide a quick path for water into the enclosure. By stripping the jacket partway through the penetrator, you create a water block for that situation.


Hi Rusty

thanks for that. was just about to make a major mistake.

btw, a couple of months ago when I asked about getting an update to the ardusub software that allowed for extra motors to be run on independent channels, you said you might ask for somebody to pick that up on github. has there been any response to that?

kind regards



I am wanting to do this as well, but the wire will be completely inside a sealed hull. I’m debating my options, so I wanted to see which you think it best.

The situation is as follows:

  • Sealed hull with motor mounted in rear, and a sealed compartment in the middle. Plus nuts are installed on the outside of the boat near the motor mounts, and also on the inside of the compartment.

  • So I’m thinking of taking the wire (insulated/shielded) from the motor, through an 8mm penetrator, feed through the hull through the compartment plus nut, then attach another 8mm (or 6mm) penetrator near the end of the wire, which connects to an ESC

The current way we’re doing it is cutting the insulation off right before the wire goes through the outer hull penetrator, as you suggest, then run the 3 wires through the hull and into the inner compartment. The problem is that when we screw the pentrator in, the 3 wires can get stripped slightly due to spinning in the threaded plus nuts. I would like to keep the insulation on to avoid that.

If you have any questions about how our setup is, you can email or DM me and I can send pictures.

Hi Shawn, can you send some pictures or drawings so I can understand better what you are planning to do?

Sure. Here is a drawing of our boat. It’s a catamaran with a t200 on each side of each hull. There is compartment in the middle of the boat that’s sealed with a deck hatch on top. I’m thinking of putting the t200 on the outside, passing it through an outer 8mm penetrator, through the hollow hull, then out into the compartment through either an 8mm or 6mm penetrator.

I think it’ll help us avoid tearing/scraping/ripping the wire if we can put it through the inner hollow part of the hull w/o cutting it first. I’ve had issues where the individual wires were getting stripped by our nut inserts.