Wire selection advise

Would connecting a 1.5 mm copper wire seen in the photo with a BlueRobotics thruster cable cause any issues? Also, for the cable joint, does anyone have experience using a butt connector? Does it work well? Thanks.

Hi @codeerzz -
You’ll want a cable with three conductors to extend your thruster wires. You may want to use a WetLink splice kit if the joint is going to be below the water.

Keep in in mind that the ESCs that drive brushless motors like the T200/T500 rely on “listening” to the rotation of the motor, so if the wires are extended too long performance will decrease, and the motor will struggle to run at low speeds.

A properly soldered and heat-shrinked connection will be vastly more reliable in a marine environment when compared to crimp “but-splice” style connectors. However even this type of joint should not be submerged, at least for long periods of time as water will reach the wires, and could flow along the conductors back into your enclosure.