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Wires in blue esc

(Nitesh Singh) #1

The distance between the blue esc and thrusters is apprx 2 feets, what gauge wire should be used starting from the cuurent supply from battery and the output from the esc to the thrusters?

(TCIII) #2


Use this cable to go from the ESC to the Thruster.

Use this cable to go from the battery to the ESC power inputs.


(Adam) #3

Hi @nitesh,

I assume you are referring to the Basic ESC and not the Blue ESC, which is discontinued and has not been sold for almost 3 years.

The wire gauge to use depends on the the length and current draw in your use case. A voltage drop calculator is a useful to help to determine this and see how much power you are losing. If you are extending the thruster cable by only up to an additional meter, at least 18AWG should be fine in most cases. Beyond that, at least 14 AWG should be used depending on the length and current draw. You should use at least 14 AWG from the ESC up to a meter, and larger than that for more.

There is no straight answer here, the linked calculator will give you a much better idea of what you need.


(Nitesh Singh) #4

Thank you @adam for all your help till now. I have finally ordered 2 T200 thrusters and 3 basic esc from the indian distributer. Do help us like the same way you all are doing now if we face any issues running the motors.