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Potting multiple conductors without jacket into same penetrator


Does anyone have experience potting multiple conductors without a single outer jacket into the cable penetrators for watertight enclosures? I would like to do this to reduce the number of penetrators and also not have to worry about the integrity/other end of the cable jacket. It seems like it ought to work fine in principle given adequate care in preparing the insulation of all the wires, but I thought I would ask.

– greg

It can definitely work, but you’ll want to get the jacketed bit of each cable into the potting compound, and you’ll need to make sure you can get your wires through the penetrator. It can also be worth considering what signal is on the wires - thruster cable through the same penetrator as something that’s carrying a signal (e.g. lights, input from a camera, etc) may not work very well due to noise getting picked up by the signal wires.

Thanks. Yeah, that’s right, the idea was to put multiple power wires through the same connector, not to mix power and signal wires.