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4 conductor cable for use with the 6mm penetrator?

Does BR offer, or can anyone recommend a 4 conductor cable that will work with the 6mm penetrators?

I am looking for something with at least 4 conductors, 22 AWG or larger, with the correct OD and jacket material to work correctly with your standard potting technique.

Thanks for any help!

Hi Nathan,

The cable used on the Ping Echosounder is four conductors but is only 24AWG and designed for the smaller penetrators. We don’t have larger four conductor cable right now, unfortunately.

Do you need it to be neutrally buoyant, have Kevlar fibers, or anything like that?


Hey Rusty,
No special requirements for the cable, I think the 24AWG cable you described may work for what I want to do. The cables will only be about 2 feet long, and power will be less than 1 amp.

I can also source my own cable, what jacket material do you recommend for use with your potting epoxy?