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6 AWG cable compatible with 8mm penetrator

(jakkala kalvik) #1

Does anyone know any 6 AWG cable if possible duplex(2 conductor) which fits in a single 8mm penetrator.

(Adam) #2

Hi Jakkala,

A single 6AWG wire may fit through an 8mm penentrator, but it will not have any jacket to strip off for proper potting. This of the insulation is cut, there will be contact between the are and the water and the seal will be immediately compromised. I don’t it is possible to fit two 6AWG wires through an 8mm penetrator.


(jakkala kalvik) #3

Well can you suggest a penetrator which can be used on a 4" backplate and big enough to handle a 6 AWG cable?

(Adam) #4

Hi Jakkala,

We do not have any products that can address this, and I’m not aware of anything specifically that you could use. I would suggest looking into something like the Subconn high power series of connectors.