Discussion for Penetrating Large Cables

Hello all,

I’m conducting research which requires me to make my own custom hull enclosure with air tight seals. I use Blue Robotics penetrators all the time in my competitive submarine club, but I want to use them for my research project too. The problem is, some of these cables are very large, up to 1cm thick. Even worse, the cable ends are larger than the diameter of the cable, meaning even if I find a proper penetrator i’ll have to cut and resolder the cable, making the penetrator unremovable. For my application, I believe a 2-piece penetrator is needed, but i’m unsure how to go about making this. Any tips would be appreciated!

I’m thinking of resin printing a penetrator that’s split in half, with clamp screws on either end, and it can epoxy together and also epoxy the cable. The nut doesn’t need epoxy, allowing it to be removable. Are there any products out there for this, as resin isn’t the strongest or most accurate material?

Thank you!