Raw profile data from Ping1D?

Hi - is it possible to obtain raw (unscaled) profile data from the Ping1D? Thanks!

Hi @animmosmith, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’m not certain what you mean by “scaled” data here - if you mean

  1. the profile data that the sensor’s ADC collects then
  2. data that’s not scaled by the selected gain then
    • that’s not possible because that gain is applied electrically in the receiving circuit, before the values are measured

Hi - many thanks for the quick response!

I’m reading directly from the 1300 - profile message.

Referring back to this thread, it seems that there is some on-board scaling rather than just raw ADC output. Or has this been updated in firmware since?


Hi @animmosmith,

The values are not raw data from the ADC, but the output of some algorithms to filter, adjust gain, add offset and more that I can’t give more details about.

Can you inform what you want to accomplish or the big picture ? With that we may help you more about your objective.

Hi Patrick - many thanks for your message.

I’m an oceanographer - I’m interested in mapping out the spatial distributions of scatterers (bubbles/plankton/sediment) and the ping 1D is a really nice, low cost/power package that could do this with access to the raw data from the ADC (and then calibration with known targets). I understand that your algorithms are proprietary, but it would be a really nice feature (and presumably a trivial amendment to the firmware for you) to bypass them completely and have access to the raw ADC values. Would you be interested in running some collaborative trials?