Ping1D temperature and data access

Hello everyone,

I’m a student at Deusto University in Bilbao, and I’m currently working on a research project that involves the use of the BlueRobotics Ping1D device. We are trying to detect trash in the water, among other things. I’d like to share some of my questions here and would greatly appreciate any advice you can offer.

  1. I am using the Ping1D and wondering if there would be any possibility to access the actual temperature of the liquid in which we are taking our measurements. If so, does anyone know how this value is obtained?
  2. Could you tell me if there is any way to access raw data? By this, I mean if you could please provide access to the underlying calculations for functions in Python? I’m interested in understanding the internal workings for the project.

Thank you very much for your help!

Hi @AndP -

  1. Unfortunately the Ping sonar does not have a temperature sensor. You could use the Celsius for that!
  2. The “raw” data is not available, as it represents more data than could be sent over the serial link! You can receive the profile information via the Ping protocol.


Thanks for the information!