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Ping Echosounder Amplification- linear or log?

I am working with the Ping echosounder, and am successfully reading the profile_data to get a representation of the intensity v. range data per-ping. Is the scaled representation of these returns natively linear or log? This impacts processing for detection of features in the water column, and affects how the gain is taken into account. Looking at the data, I’m guessing there is a log amplifier, but wanted to confirm.

Thank you!

Hi Erin,

Thanks for the post! Glad you’re reading the Ping data successfully. The Ping responses are scaled to provide the clearest view in the viewer application. That means that a certain response value may represent a different power level from one ping to the next. We don’t have support for it yet, but we could add support to read the raw power level values for applications like yours.

What exactly would you like to see from the profile_data message for your application?