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Ping Sonar Raw Data Output Smoothing

We have developed an application to log the raw data from the Ping sonar and have noticed a weird artefact when viewing the data.

We have noticed that in certain points the raw data appears to be smoothed as can be seen in the attached image. The data from the left hand side of the image is quite different to what we are normally seeing on the right hand side.

We are not doing an processing at any point so this must be the raw output from the Ping itself.

Does anyone have any information?


Hi @fhamersley,

It’s not clear what conditions and which kind of sensor and software have generated the graphs or logs. Can you explain it a bit more ?

And for you question, yes, there is a couple of filters running in Ping1D, the data is not raw.

What is the range represented on the the vertical axis of the left image?
What is the time frame represented on the horizontal axis of the left image?
Same questions for the right image.