Raspberry Pi3b+

I am wondering, i discovered that its getting harder to buy Raspberry Pi3B of the shelf. I am concern, should my rov have any problems with RsPi3B I would be stuck. From my last check we still do not have a solution to get the RsPi3B+ to work with QGround control and Ardu. Unless a solution has been found of late that I am unaware of. Please advise? Thank you.

Hi @richardo,

The new/upcoming BlueOS Beta software supports multiple devices (including Raspberry Pi 3B+ and Raspberry Pi 4), and will become the default companion software in the coming months. It’s available for testing and feedback now if you’re interested, and there’s also a post set up for discussion of External Integrations/Extensions if that would be relevant to you :slight_smile:


Hi Eliot,
Thank you very much for the update. This is very good news I must admit for our community. I am looking forward to test the companion Beta software on a RsPI 3B+ soon.

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Is there possibly a list of all compatible boards for the new companion software? Will it work with all variants of the pi4? I’m trying to find a pi now since I’m sure it will take a while to find one in stock :slight_smile:

Hi @yeclek, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

We don’t have a list of compatible boards because the software is still in a Beta phase, and to start with we’re focusing on supporting and testing on the RPi 3B (which is in our existing vehicles) and RPi 4B (which is a clear improvement within the same ecosystem). That said, in theory we expect it to run on RPi 3B and above, and it’s designed to be possible to port to alternative boards (including not Raspberry Pis) without significant hassle.

The idea is that as it gets tested on other boards (by us or others) then we can confirm that it works on them, and as it gets ported to alternatives we can provide instructions for how anyone interested can get that working. We plan to document the process for determining compatibility with or porting to a new board type, but testing and porting to other boards is not a priority for us at this stage, and likely won’t be until at least a little while after the stable release.

Not certain what you mean by this. We’ve tested both variants of the BCM chip on the RPi 4B without issues, but we haven’t tested on the CM4 (if that’s what you’re asking), and don’t know if that would work “out of the box” (without configuration) given it has different ports.

Thanks for the reply! That’s great news. I’ll keep my eye out for whatever comes in stock.

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I have just flashed the blue os on my RPi 3B+ and its working well. This is very good news. Awesome work done on the OS!!

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