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Raspberry pi won't power up

(Maureen Byrne) #1

I almost completed the ArduSub initial setup with exception of ‘‘Configuring motor directions’’. When i power up my ROV I do not get any signals and QGroundControl wont find my device. The FAThOM -X tether interface onboard the ROV does not light up and my raspberry pi wont either. The pixhawk lights up. I use the micro USB-port to power my rasberry pi. What might be wrong? The output voltage from the Ubec voltage regulator is 0V.



(undersearobotics.com) #2

If you’re following the build instructions then the UBEC is used to power the Raspberry Pi and the Fathom-X board draws power directly from the main battery supply. If the UBEC is showing an output of 0 vdc, then it’s either not connected correctly or is defective.

I would double check the instructions and make sure you’ve connected everything correctly. And then, using a voltmeter, trace the power from the battery to your components to see where the problem is.

Good luck!