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R2 power sensor module and voltage multiplier not work

Hi, I am using R2 PSM in my ROV. But the battery monitor is not right, I’ve tested for coupled days. The most recent test is shown here:

It’s only about 5.57v, the truth is around 14.5V. Then I change the voltage multiplier after I type 14.5V. After 3 hours running(bot running the motor), the result is shown below:

It didn’t change, but the truth is around 14.1V. This test not draw a lot of power, but I tested full charged battery with 16.7V after 2V used, still shown 16.7V in Qgroundcontrol.

Appreciated for any suggestions. Thanks.

Hi @Lin,

I would recommend to set the default parameters to make sure that your ROV is configured correctly for the battery, or follow our configuration guide for the power sensor:

Thanks for your reply. I just doubled check this guide. I believed all the connection is right, also all the setup is same to the Software Setup. Also, this is the brand new PSM(we brought a new one is test this wired situation).

Could you give more suggestions?