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Wrong battery voltage readings

Hello guys,

We have been experiencing the same issue in several ROV’s the readings between the charger and the ROV are very discrepant, for example as soon as we finish to charge one battery up to 16.8V we connect to the ROV and it shows 15V more or less but never showing up to 16.8V while using the ROV sometimes we get the battery to 11V after checking in the charger it appears to be at 13 or 14V.

This had happened to around 3-4 ROV’s already, do you happen to have any explanation? I was thinking about the power sense module but some brand new ROV’s had given me those same results (different batteries).

@luisgamez I recommend re-verifying the PSM parameters in QGC: https://bluerobotics.com/learn/power-sense-module-psm-installation/#ardusub-software-setup

I can’t really think of much else other than that. The PSM is the only component that measures voltage.

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