Battery setup Help

Good evening,
I finished the assembly of the BlueROV2, it is a real pleasure to assemble bravo.
But, I have a small problem with the configuration of the battery:
below the characteristics of my battery:

So I simply entered 6300 mAh.

But the voltage display is not good. (in red)

The parameters are not good? I did not dare to play too much with the parameters.

I also take the opportunity to ask you (next step) for the “safety” setting if you can advise me?

Thank you in advance
A ++

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Have you power-cycled the ROV after setting up the monitor?

Hello Jacob,
Sorry my understanding of English is not very good.
I do not quite understand the question.
I restarted the ROV after entering the parameters.


by playing with the parameters, I manage to have the voltage,

but I have quite a few doubts.
If you can help me or give me examples of your configurations, it would help me a little.
thank you in advance.
A ++

I am sorry I forgot to get back to you this morning. Just to be clear, you are using a stock BlueROV2 without adding any other components?

The standard BlueROV2 configuration can be set up by going to the Frame tab in the Vehicle Setup page, and clicking the ‘Load vehicle default parameters’ button. Please try that, then reboot and let me know if it works.

Hi, do not be sorry, I have time.
yes, I use the BLUEROV 2 without adding any other components.

I loaded the “default settings” for the frame and rebooted.
then I just changed “battery capacity” to 6300 mAh.
but I still have a fake voltage return.



Hm, I haven’t encountered this before, I’m not sure what’s going on. Can you get in touch at for some direct contact/troubleshooting, and I will follow up here to post the resolution.