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Battery % tracking error

(Kaos) #1

Hi all,

During testing of my BR2, I have noticed that if I run a battery for a second dive, that qgc shows battery status as 100% again. Even though I had run the batt down to 60% on first dive.

Any thoughts on this small issue? All help accepted

(undersearobotics.com) #2

I’m guessing the percent status might be based on mAh used and not the battery’s voltage. A more accurate ( and in my opinion useful ) measurement to display is the battery’s voltage. That’s what I do and with my 4s 10Ah LiPo battery, I run the ROV until the voltage is around 13 vdc (lowest recommended voltage is 12.8 vdc). Hope this helps.

(Jacob) #3

I will look into changing the way this is done. We could discuss approaches on gitter.