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MavProxy Flight Battery at -1%



When we use the battery module to check our battery status, it reports -1%.

We have made sure that the battery is plugged in, and we have tried two different batteries to ensure that the fault does not lie with the battery. The Raspberry Pi is not otherwise powered.

We have tried flashing a brand new image on both the Pi and Pixhawk, and loaded fresh configurations.

We suspect the problem lies with the SYS_STATUS messages not being received.

We would like to use the battery readings to track energy consumption and efficiency, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

(Jacob) #2

The code on the flight controller doesnt make an estimate to the remaining battery (ArduSub doesn’t estimate battery, ArduCopter and ArduPlane do). You can see the voltage and the current in the sys_status message.

Try watch SYS_STATUS command in mavproxy.