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R2 Power Sense Module Issue

Hi everyone, first post on here!

I’m writing to ask about two Power Sense Modules (SKU: PSM-ASM-R2-RP) that I received recently.

Short form: Should pins 1 & 2 on the PSM’s JST-GH connector be reading input voltage?

Long form:

  • I purchased the ROV Electronics Package and a 4" chassis on their own to build into a custom ROV. I was building the chassis in steps, powering it on periodically with the battery to check that I had made connections correctly. When I reached the point where the Power Sense Module and the UBEC 5v regulator were both plugged into the PixHawk, suddenly neither my PixHawk or RPi would turn on.

  • I checked the 5V regulator separately, and it was toasted–my power supply went into current limit mode when I tried to put 13V on the input lines.

  • Without the 5V regulator & with the PSM connected to the PixHawk, all of the auxiliary output pins on the PixHawk are sitting at battery voltage.

  • With nothing connected, pins 1, 2, 3, & 4 on the JST-GH socket on the PSM are reading the same as the input (battery) voltage. I ordered a new unit because I thought this might be the issue, but it has the same behavior–see image below.

This doesn’t match the information on the product page, nor in this forum post: Power Sense Module Help so I was hoping that someone could either confirm that their modules do the same thing, and I can plug them safely into my PixHawk, or that this is not right and I shouldn’t use these.


That looks definitely wrong. Please get in touch with support@bluerobotics.com.

It seems like the defective PSM actually fed the Pixhawk the battery voltage (our PSM is not supposed to feed the Pixhawk anything other than voltage and current scaled up to 3.3v). That may have damaged the Pixhawk and other electronics.

Thanks Willian, I’ll email support today.