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Need help connecting the "Power Sense Module R2" to a Arduino

Hi, has anyone connected the BR power sense module R2 to an Arduino micro-controller board?
I have it integrated into my ROV but I believe I may not have the connector wires correctly installed. The device does power up and is sending a signal topside but the numbers don’t look right nor do they respond like I believe they should.

  1. RED: VCC +0v - ?
  2. BLK: VCC +0v - ?
  3. BLK: A3.3v - A1 (Analog Input)
  4. BLK: V3.3v - A0 (Analog Input)
  5. BLK: GND - GND

Once the signal is sent topside though the Fathom-S system, I may also require help converting the ADC signal to the proper values. (Math)

The first two pins/wires are not connected. They do not put out 5V, and do not require 5V to be applied.

Thanks Jacob for the reply. So I have it connected correctly but my math must be wrong.
So to be clear, pins 3 & 4 are sending a 0 to 3.3v analog signal based on voltage and current?
Do you have an idea what the math would look like?
Thanks again

Hi Marcus,

That’s correct, the pins 3 and 4 are sending 0-3.3v based on voltage and current. Here’s the math to get the values.


Pin 3

The current is 38.8788 times the measured voltage with an offset of 0.33 volts (so zero amps output 0.33 volts.) This assumes you’re using a 5v Arduino. ADC is the raw measurement value from the analogRead function.

I = (ADC*(5.0/1024)-0.33)*38.8788


Pin 4

The output is 11.0 times the battery voltage.

V = ADC*(5.0/1024)*11.0

For reference, these values are printed on the circuit board of the Power Sense Module.


Thanks Rusty for your time and effort, the math worked perfect.