Question about MAVLink Messages


I am working on a project to develop a new GCS software based on QGC, some new features will be added on like auto speed, auto heading, auto depth holding, the software will also need to display sonar image and at least has 2 channels of video signal, it will also be able to pass some custom command for controlling specific devices like manipulators and P&T and so on.

To achieve all those functions, i am still going to use MAVLink, i looked over the message definitions, i believe MAVLink’s parameters will be enough to support my project, what i need to do is to take out all the useful messages to match with the functions in my new GCS software.

But first of all, i want to study the system based on ArduSub+ MAVLink+QGC, this will help to better understand MAVLink.

So my questions:

  1. MAVLink is originally designed for Micro air Vehicle , what is the difference between the MAVLink on Introduction · MAVLink Developer Guide and the MAVLink used for ArduSub? it should be modified a little bit to fit the functions on ArduSub i guess, like some MAVLink messages should not be the same.

  2. When i am reading the MAVLink Type Enumerations, some Fieid Names do not have Values, see below:

  3. What is the version of MAVLink is using on ArduSub + QGC System? MAV1 or MAV2?


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