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Mavlink Version

I have a question , i am trying to send the mavlink messages from MATLAB/SIMULINK to pixhawk1 running ArduSub . Mavlink has two versions of frame format ( MAVLINK version 1 and MAVLINK version 2) . I want to know whether ArduSub uses mavlink version 2 or mavlink version 1 ?


It can do both. We recommend MAvlink2. You can chose one by setting the SERIAL0_PROTOCOL parameter.

Thanks a lot for the reply . I have one more question , if i have to control the motors of the blueROV2 for (forward , lateral , yaw or throttle) , which mavlink message needs to be sent? I see there are two mavlink messages RC_CHANNELS(#65) and RC_CHANNELS_OVERIDE(#70). Currently my xbox controller connected to Qground control is controlling the motors , i want to control the motors through matlab simulink . I want to know which mavlink message id is responsible for this ?

It would be really helpful if you can help me answer this as i see many RC realated mavlink messages in the MAVLINK documentation

Either MANUAL_CONTROL or RC_CHANNELS_OVERRIDE. Check the pymavlink examples we have at the Pymavlink section of our docs.

Please also be aware of the difference between rc INPUT and rc OUTPUT: http://www.ardusub.com/developers/rc-input-and-output.html

Thank you , will have a look into it

Thanks a lot for the response