QGC on iPad and iPhone

Hi,is it possible to control the BR2 via iPhone or iPad? Because I found QGC can be downloaded from Apple Store.


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It’s possible, but we do not support it at this time. Hopefully we will be able to focus on bringing up support and stability on mobile devices later in the year.

Please note that the QGC on the appstore is the main stream QGC. Blue Robotics maintains our own version of QGC, and we recommend using this with ArduSub.

Thanks a lot for the reply. :grinning:

Hi Jacob

I have been following this topic with interest as well because I would very much like to use the blue robotics flavour of qgroundcontrol on an iPad or iPhone. Has there been any progress in that direction since these posts last year?

John Griffiths

Has there been any progress in that direction since these posts last year?
Many thanks
Jean Benoit

Hi Jean,

We are no longer maintaining our own version of QGC, so you should use now the official releases of QGroundControl, including the mobile versions, to work with the ROV.
Since we do not support mobile officially, some modifications are necessary in the setup to allow a mobile device to connect with the ROV (usb-ethernet dongle, wi-fi hotspot, ip changes and etc).
I would recommend to check the QGC daily builds or the last release available in your appstore.
We are still working to improve the mobile experience, but it’s not totally done yet.

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Hi Patrick,
I prefer wait to have a stable version by Blue Robotics !! Say us when she’s ready !!
Jean Benoit

for QGC ios version, do we need any special setup ? I tried to connect the ROV with a USB to iphone dongle, but got no connection.

Hi @AliceShanghai,

QGC on mobile isn’t something we’ve ever officially supported (as discussed above), and I’m not sure if the iOS/iPadOS versions of QGC are still being developed (they’re not listed in QGC’s official installation documentation, although in fairness that documentation is also somewhat outdated so it’s hard to know for sure).

From a look at the app store it looks like the last released version is QGC 4.0.10 from July 2020, which should at least in theory be able to control an ROV, although the required setup and connections are not something I’m familiar with.

At a guess they’re hopefully at least similar to the setup for BlueROV Control, which is a paid iPad app by a developer in the community.

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I have just released a major update to the BlueROV Control app.
You can download it from App Store and try it. Would appreciate any feedback.

Now it also supports Gripper and Ping 1D & 360.

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Thanks for the heads up, Eliot.

I shall certainly try and give feedback. Thanks a lot.

Does the app work for iPhone as well?

No, it could work but the screen is too small for all the info.