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QGC hijacking serial port

I have 4k UHD camera with RS485 to control the settings. The camera control GUI connects to the camera via a USB-485 converter on the same PC as QGC.
QGC is using the serial port in the background and sending data at 1hz which means the camera control GUI can’t connect to that serial port. How can I stop QGC from hijacking that port?

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That is interesting, I think QGC does a bit in the background, during testing today I plugged in an HDMI cable to send the video feed to a larger monitor, as soon as I did lost vehicle control. Was a simple matter of enabling again, but, strange.

I got it figured out: In the QGC Application Settings page > General > AutoConnect to the following devices: > uncheck everything except UDP.

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Just out of interest, whats the camera system you’re using and is the video stored onboard or sent to the surface?



I’m using the prototype camera we’ve developed for the BR2. It sends the uncompressed video to the surface.

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