Position Hold with DVL and ArduSub 4.1.1-beta6

Hi @williangalvani
I upload this firmware into mine navigator,
The only thing I noticed is that it is more predictable in Depth mode for the Z axis when you try to change the depth with specific gain (such as 10-100%) it corresponds accordingly. But no matter how to tune it doesn’t affect the acceleration/velocity for positional hold using the DVL for XY and Z.

Also I noticed that even if you use 40% gain which is supposed to be mid slow movements, it acts very rapidly. It might be because in the tuning tab I noticed completely different setup from the recommended one

By the way can you please advise how I should tune these parameters on the fly like on an arducopter you can adjust the knobs which was pre-specified for changing one of the P, I or D coefficients. If it’s not possible, at least what kind of guide I need to follow to understand what each parameter means. I have a heavy configuration frame but slightly modified in width. Right, it’s a kind of guessing method.

If you need the logs or the video I can send it tomorrow, can you specify everything you might need to know/see for better understanding.