Pixhawk Flash update: BootLoader question

Here is a log for the 4.1 flash update:

While it appears to have successfully updated, Is there a problem with not finding a bootloader?
coa: sE+6FYKtmie9PKuuthLMYgyI1aVu/MU0I3zvehktY3QMK+eDHq+cpn5rAfcyS8aBd3bkoNTLLIGe7FNFmZA4jGKJIRlpy+2EkJYB40XbtVIcYZwyf6U7h5784K8LTjqwSMbTxoOe0lUP5zHdft+wQwVUNY/tbfQfl+D+HiGIGtI=
sn: 003a002c3133471831383530
[unavailable; bootloader too old]
flash size: 2080768
board_type: 9 (fmuv3)
board_rev: 0
Identification complete

Erase : [====================] 100.0%
Program: [====================] 100.0%
Verify : [====================] 100.0%

Waiting to restart mavproxy…
Restarting mavproxy

Hi @bmartel,

That looks to be fine. It’s not saying it can’t find a bootloader, it’s saying it can’t tell you which chip is in use because the bootloader is too old and doesn’t provide that information (which is the case for Pixhawk 1 boards) :slight_smile:

On an unrelated note, the original Companion software is no longer being developed. You may wish to transition to BlueOS :slight_smile:

Thanks for clarifying Eliot!

Bob Martelli

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