Ardusub update failure- dead Pixhawk?

Hi! I’ve just updated to BlueOS 1.0 and connected successfully to the new OS for the first time. On the bench, everything seemed to work, including camera, tilt, compass, etc. Then I tried to use the Pixhawk firmware update feature (through the BlueOS web interface) to update the Pixhawk from 4.0.3 to 4.1.0. I manually download the file (ardusub.apj from ArduPilot firmware : /Sub/stable-4.1.0/Pixhawk1) and pointed the updater to this file.

The result is a Pixhawk that won’t communicate; it powers up but the FMU bootloader error LED flickers red, and the I/0 B/E LED is solid red. Attempting further updates fails with a message along the lines of “there is no board running”. Similarly, using the QGC firmware update page (with pixhawk directly connected to topside computer with USB) shows no indication that QGC sees the pixhawk at all.

So, I’m at a loss for how to proceed. Is my Pixhawk dead? Time for a new Navigator board?

Hi @ScottM ,

You can try the DFU mode:

Thanks. So you’re thinking it may be a corrupt bootloader?

Looks like the DFU solution requires either Linux (not for me) or the “dfu-util” tool, which my agency blocks me from downloading (thanks a lot IT guys…).

As an alternative, we may wind up going with replacing the Pixhawk with a Navigator board.

Hi @ScottM,

If a firmware update fails on the Pixhawk it normally goes into bootloader mode. If you update to the latest BlueOS-1.1 beta image (requires being in Pirate Mode) the firmware updater should be able to detect the bootloader if it is working, in which case it can try to do the normal update again (BlueOS 1.0 does not have that functionality). Given QGC wasn’t able to detect it it’s quite possible BlueOS won’t be either, but it’s presumably at least worth a shot before buying new hardware. I’d recommend power cycling the vehicle before trying to update the Pixhawk firmware.

If that doesn’t help then @williangalvani’s suggestion and/or replacing the device stand as the main remaining options :slight_smile:

If you choose to go down this route, check out our Navigator Retrofit Guide :slight_smile: