Pixhawk auxiliary channels 5 and 6

Quick question about the auxiliary channels on the pixhawk, specifically 5 and 6. Can I use one of those two to turn a laser on and off bound to a button easily? Just voltage / no voltage, no dimming?

Not sure if QGround Control supports this, but on the hardware side it’s simple enough. Just get a “receiver controlled RC switch” like this:

or this:

I’ll get one of those on the way, thanks! My battery showed up, but still no charger yet, so I can’t quite system test anything.

how you do that can you show me the setup of your laser .


Just to make things clearer, since this thread is old:

Ardusub supports relays, as explained here. Currently both operation with PWM (to use with those RC controlled relays) and logic level (for normal relays) are supported.