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PIXhawk actual pwm pin output

I’d like to know the equations relating the x,y,z,roll,pitch,yaw signal values (1100 up to 1900) and the actual pwm output of the 8 thruster pwm pins (those connected to the actual esc and also ranging from 1100 up to 1900).
I’m using the 8 thruster configuration (4 horizontal-4 vertical) and i’m working on a custom control module that uses pixhawk as only a pwm source and imu sensor, that’s why i need to know these relations.

Hi Samer,

Thanks for the question. There’s a lot that goes into the overall output values in normal operation because there are layers of control system to stabilize the vehicle. If you just want to see how the x, y, z, roll, pitch, yaw values are translated into outputs, then you can look at the code.

This line is where the x, y, z, r, p, y contributions for each thruster are configured for different frame types. Then later in that file, those contributions are used along with the desired x, y, z, r, p, y to generate the motor outputs (see that for loop and the one right after it).

How are you communicating with the Pixhawk for this application?