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Ping360 overlay in QGroundControl?

What is the preferred way to use the pingviewer app while driving the ROV? Is it possible to view the data from Pingviewer inside a window within the QGC app?

We use a touch screen tablet on the boat, and tapping back and forth between QGC and Pingviewer windows while trying to visually locate a target is problematic. I can’t see any information about this in the documentation.

Hi Travis,

That’ll be done but we don’t have plans for it right now, maybe you can resize ping-viewer application to fit it in your device screen to work together with QGC. Could an “always on top” feature for ping-viewer help ?

Yes, an always-on-top option for the ping-viewer window would be an ideal interim solution.

Hi Travis,

Please check this binary, it’s a windows version that should have the necessary settings for you.


Let me know how it goes.