Ping 360 stops joystick from working

This is strange. BlueOS 2.5.1 but the problem started in previous versions. In cockpit or QGC when looking at ping viewer (ping 360) the joystick has zero functions. If I minimalism ping viewer the joystick is fully functional again. I have tried looking for conflicts in device manager - nothing. But if pingviewer is minimalised the program is still working: so why a problem with the joystick when viewing it?

Hi @Teggles -
Cockpit requires the browser tab to be in focus for it to receive joystick commands - this will always be the case, and is an inherent limitation that we can only get around by packaging Cockpit as a standalone application (in the long term plans for it!)

As for QGroundControl behavior, BlueOS 1.2.5 should not affect this (I think that is the version you are meaning to refer to?)

If you put the windows side by side, and then select the ground control station, you should be able to continue to use the joystick. You can also turn on the “always on top” functionality of PingViewer.

Hi Tony,

Never noticed the “on top” feature before :face_with_peeking_eye:

Thanks, all fixed now.


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