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Ping Viewer - Custom Gradients


I’ve been making some custom gradients for Ping Viewer that are perceptually uniform to be able to more clearly differentiate different data levels (as per colorcet). That’s been working really well, and I’ve written some short python code to make valid gradient files from a given colorcet colourmap, e.g.

import colorcet as cc
with open('Rainbow.txt', 'w') as gradient:
    # colorcet uses 256-value colourmaps, Ping Viewer reads only the first 50 in a file
    colours = [colour for index, colour in enumerate(cc.rainbow) if index % 5 == 0]

which gives a result like this (in air, so no objects to see)

I thought it could be useful/interesting to make the lowest level transparent, since in the custom gradients documentation for Ping Viewer it says that it’s possible to use #AARRGGBB as a colour-specification option, which I’m assuming means AA is the alpha/transparency channel. I’ve made a file with all the rows matching that form, but it doesn’t come up as an option in Ping Viewer.

All the other custom options work fine (e.g. 3,6,9,12 values), so it seems like something is wrong with the 8-value recognition, which sadly is the only one that supposedly allows for transparency.

If it matters, I’m on a MacBook Pro running PingViewer v2.1.0

Hi @EliotInsight,

Thank you for pointing this, I can confirm that the transparency feature is having some problems, we’ll investigate it more.
You can check the issue status here:

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