Ping Viewer example on Ping360 Page


I was looking at the Ping360 specification webpage and noticed that there was an image from the Ping Viewer that looked different from the type of output we get from the Ping360 our robot is equipped with.

On the webpage, it says

Updated Ping-Viewer Interface showing a tire found with Ping360.

I was curious about what is needed on our end to get an output that looks like the one in this image.

Additionally, is there any information about the scenario in which this sensor reading was taken? It seems the robot/sensor may have been tilted for this specific image?

Thank you for your assistance!

Hi @onurbag,

That picture is from 2019 - I believe it’s “Updated” in the sense that before then Ping Viewer did not have scanning sonar support at all. I’ve updated the caption to hopefully make it less confusing.

I’m not sure which part you’re wanting to reproduce:

  • You can change from a full circle to a sector by reducing the Sector Angle in the device settings
  • You can change the active Plot Theme in the display settings
    • There are several options built in - the one shown in the picture is “Monochrome sepia”
    • There’s also a discussion here of some custom gradient options

I’d suggest reading through our guide on Understanding and Using Scanning Sonars :slight_smile:

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