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Ping360 positive experience, and alternative mounting

Thanks for a good product and competetive price with the new Ping360 sonar!
Real nice plug and play installation and use with Ping viewer.

One nice feature for future Pingviewer would be a function to keep settings like scan angle and range between sessions. Either making them persistent, or in memory accessible from UI.

I have made an alternative mounting, Ping360 is in front of the 3" tube, why:
+Less drag
+Less risk of hitting something above in tight spaces
+Less risk of damage at launch/recovery
+Less space during transports
-Downside: You can only scan 120 degree ahead, not a problem for me

Things that should make this easier to do:
-Rotation offset in Pingviewer, now the cable entry conflicts with 3" tube
-Memory function as described above.
-Another mounting bracket.



Thanks for your input, we are still working and improving ping-viewer, soon a new release may be available with new features :wink:

Such feature was removed before our first release, the feedback the we got was that such feature would not be used or confuse:

But I have created a feature request for it, hopefully we are going to have it soon:

This is a working in progress feature:

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