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Mounting Ping 360 underneath BR2

Hey gang,

I’m curious if there is any advantage to mounting the Ping 360 inverted under BR2? It seems like a logical place, notwithstanding the potential for physical damage if getting too close to a hard bottom. And is there a setting in Ping Viewer to reflect an inverted sensor?


I can’t really think of a good practical reason why that would be any better unless you needed to get the head closer to the bottom for some reason.

Regardless, there’s a setting in Ping-Viewer to have an inverted Ping360 head: “Head Down” setting.

To give you another idea, I have frontmounted the Ping360 with good result.
(Resulting in Ping 120)

/ Bo

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Thanks guys,

I ended up abandoning the underneath idea, and stick with it mounted up top. I had to elevate it a bit, to ‘peer’ over the CeruleanSonar USBL beacon.