Ping sonar rotation

I’ve installed a Ping Sonar to the front of my sub as below,

The Sonar is installed 90deg off center, is there a setting the viewer software I can offset for this? (I’ve found the setting for installing upside down) if not would there be any issue grinding off the locating notch on the sonar housing and just rotating the head?


Hi @john6,

I raised an issue for a feature like that last year, but we haven’t yet had the time to implement it.

The tip of the locator on the housing doesn’t contribute to the water proofing, so the only issue I can foresee is the head potentially rotating over time due to bumps or vehicle vibrations.

That said, it seems a shame to need to modify hardware for something that should reasonably readily be solvable in software. I’ll ask the software team if someone can spare a bit of time to add the feature, and will get back to you. You’re of course also welcome to try implementing it yourself if you want - Ping Viewer is open source :slight_smile:

Thanks Elliot, I’ll put the Dremel down for the time being… But yeah I recon it would be a handy option in software.


I’ve asked that we add it back under an advanced settings checkbox or something since it does seem to be important for the people who would actually want to use it.

If you want to use the feature in the meantime you can follow our build instructions to get the source, then add the removed bit back into the file (copy+paste works fine), and complete the build :slight_smile: