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Ping/SSH stops working after awhile

I’m not sure if this is an issue with the ArduSub image, but I thought I would try asking here on the chance that someone has a solution. We’ve been working with ArduSub for a few years now, but we’ve been experiencing an issue with recent Pis that we have been installing the image on. We’re unable to ping/ssh into a Pi after a while (usually within a few hours) and a reboot will temporarily fix the issue until it occurs again. This doesn’t happen on older Pis that ArduSub is installed on. I thought it might be network inactivity but I added a cronjob to periodically ping a URL on the network but that did not resolve the issue. Activity lights on the network port on the Pi are still blinking even after we’re unable to ping/ssh into it. FWIW, all the Pi 3b’s we’re working with are purchased through BlueRobotics as well.

What version of companion are you seeing this problem with? Can you please try installing our latest image?