Ping 360 Video Overlay


Does anyone have any tips for Overlaying and sinking the Ping Viewer data over the ROV Video?

Also, the saved Ping viewer files don’t seem to show the ROV heading is there a way for the files to show this?


What do you meant by this? Are you thinking something that would show the distances as though from the camera’s perspective, or just the normal Ping Viewer display on top of the video?

If it’s the former, that could technically be possible (with some reasonably significant development time+effort) by adding vector graphics to the subtitles file, using a post-processing script that takes a .ass subtitles file, a .tlog telemetry file, and a .bin Ping Viewer binary log.

If the latter, the best way at this point would be to either screen record Ping Viewer while recording video (and combine them afterwards), or directly screen record with your Ping Viewer window over your QGC window (noting that Ping Viewer can be placed in “always on top” mode, and can also be semi-transparent by adjusting Opacity if desired).

Ping Viewer binary logs only include ping protocol messages, so don’t have any idea about telemetry. Unfortunately replays don’t currently have a way of accessing a telemetry file, so right now it’s not possible to view it. I raised an issue about this a little while ago (which you can follow to track our progress on it), but we have other higher priorities for development at this point so it’s unlikely we’ll get to it particularly soon.

If you’re particularly keen on the feature

  • you’re welcome to implement it yourself and submit a Pull Request (I think the required steps would be adding an optional input of a telemetry file to replay mode, and doing the relevant parsing and time-synching so they line up),
  • or I suppose it would technically be possible to make a program that can parse a .bin file and .tlog and spoof a Ping Viewer serial connection and corresponding MAVLink connection so it thinks it’s connected to a normal device instead of a replay (but I expect that would be more difficult than adding the feature to Ping Viewer).

Thanks, I was looking for the second one, I was hoping I could screen record afterwards with the heading showing maybe next time I’ll try screen recording during the dive and see how it works.

That is a pretty cool feature I didn’t know about. What would also be nice is if their was an option to set the form transparent ending up in only having the sonar circle displayed.

Agreed, so I’ve raised an issue for it :slight_smile: