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PingViewer replay of log from Ping360 MOOS app


I’m currently working on this MOOS app which interfaces with the Ping360 and logs the data to a file.

I referenced this code which decodes the PingViewer log file, and effectively ‘reversed’ everything to encode the data.

When playing back the log file generated by the app, I noticed that the ‘Ping360 specific data’ listed in the ‘Debug mode’ pane does not match the parameters listed when I print the data using the PingMessage __repr__() function. I see that the Debug pane parameters are dependent on the PingViewer settings, and would like to know whether the PingViewer settings affect how the replay data is displayed?

I apologize for not attaching a log file - I forgot to save it to my machine when I was testing & I don’t currently have access to the sonar.

Hi @Ginelle, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

I’m not familiar with MOOS, but seems interesting. Am I correct in thinking the idea here is to enable some broader set of MOOS programs/devices to communicate with the Ping360?

I don’t think there have been any breaking changes since that was made, but note that that gist doesn’t get updated - better to refer to the example in the PingViewer repo :slight_smile:

I just had a quick play with replaying a few of my own log files, and it seems like the “<Device> specific data” primarily reflects what the user has set in the GUI, rather than what’s being received in messages from the device/log file. I don’t think that’s a particularly useful use of a Debug pane, so I’ve raised an issue about it here:

The Ping Viewer display settings (selected gradient, smoothing, etc) are unrelated to the data itself, so they all still apply. For the device settings, the Ping360 Range and Sector Angle are directly tied to the display so need to be set manually according to the actual use conditions. The sector angle is pretty easy to tell but the range is less obvious, which is important because it could mean accidentally viewing a 50m scan as a 2m scan. The rest of the device settings have no effect on the display.

Thanks for the detailed response Eliot :slight_smile:

Yes, our goal is to enable other MOOS programs to use the Ping360 data for adaptive mission planning purposes.

Thanks! I did not know about this.

Looking forward to this update :slight_smile: