About pingviewer log files

I use ping360/pingviewer to get logs.
I want to analyze the log files using matlab, so there is a need to decode the binary files.

I was able to get the headers and timestamps from this site, but I am not sure how to get the serial buffer.
Is there a document that describes the format of the serial buffer?

Hi @spana, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’ve spoken about this with @patrickelectric, and been told that Ping Viewer is designed to be generic (to be extensible to supporting multiple message formats), so there’s no guaranteed format of the buffered messages - it just logs whatever it receives. I agree that should be documented more clearly.

In the case of our Ping devices (like the Ping360), the received data will most likely be in the form of encoded Ping Protocol messages, which is what’s handled by the Python log decoding and parsing example mentioned on the page you linked to :slight_smile:

Hi @spana,

Thanks for your patience! We ended up working really hard on the last weeks.
To complement @EliotBR answer, the software should use the Header information on the log structure to identify the sensor and as consequence the protocol. Since each sensor can work with different protocols, we save the raw message from the device, the software that reads the log should be able to decode the messages based on the sensor information.