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Ping logfile format


I would like to decode the ping data bin files with a program written in python.
Is there a document showing the format of the .bin file?

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It is simply a stream of Ping Protocol packets.

It shouldn’t be just the sonar messages. If I read the first 128 bytes of the file, I get this:

So there must be a header with the measurement parameters, the firmware version, …


Ah so. I have a program that just parses Ping Packets and it’s obviously just ignoring the header so I didn’t realize it was even there.

If possible I would be interested to see your program.
If you are ok, can you send it to contact@awdrone.fr

Sorry, it’s part of a large project, so not in any condition to share without a lot of work.


The log file that ping-viewer provides has a header description structure that allows program to identify:

  • Header
  • Log struct version
  • Information about the program that have generated the log
  • Sensor type
  • Sensor model

You can check the header structure definition here:

After that, you’ll get the timestamp plus binary data of the ping messages defined in the protocol.


I did a simple example in python that fetchs the header and each message with timestamp,
it’s still necessary to decode the log, but it shows how the log file is constructed and how you can process it.

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