Ping 360 sonar not working via VPN

Hello everyone,

I just got the Ping360 sonar as ping360 Datas and I have some issues to use it with VPN.

Indeed the sonar works in UDP from a RaspBerry’s WiFi, and I am using the program. It’s not as fast than via USB but it is still usable.

I am also using a 4G modem to send the Datas to the VPN server but I don’t receive any.

I am wondering if it is not because the modem is not efficient enough, or if it is because I need to use an other python script ?
Maybe the Datas’ path is too long via VPN so they don’t reach PingViewer ?

Thanks in advance,


Hi @ThomasWR, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’m not certain what’s going on here, but it may be a configuration issue or something else. For clarity,

  1. Which version of Ping Viewer are you using?
  2. Are you able to connect properly to other devices on the same VPN?

I can’t use, the issue is :

Error : Could not read ‘screen’ !

  1. It’s written on my ping viewer (installed on linux and windows) that the version is 0.0 :

  1. Yes I can connect other devices to the VPN.

You may need to run sudo apt install screen to be able to use the screen utility.

Also, are you able to try PingViewer 2.3.4? I’m not sure if it has any changes specifically related to that, but it’s possible it could help.