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Hey Eliot!

I came across this yesterday - a developer who is working with the GoPro open API to create a way to control gopros remotely. I am not super clued in to what would be needed to make this all functional, but it looks like wired stream over UDP at low res, and control of local recording may be possible. I am going to keep my eye on it and have a play but I figured the smarter brains at BlueRobotics would be able to weigh up the feasibility a lot faster than me!

No question here, just an FYI that may or not be helpful, I know that I have seen the “can I use a gopro” question a lot!


Hi @Marruger - thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

Coincidentally we were looking at one of their other repositories recently for a project, but ran out of time before we got to test it out. Cool to see that they’ve made a Python library for convenience :slight_smile:

Accessing and controlling a gopro is definitely an interesting use-case, and I’m sure there are several people who would be interested to try it out. Was there a particular reason this was made as a private message instead of a public post? If not I’ll convert it so others can join the discussion :slight_smile:

In terms of feasibility, the README seems to indicate that older models are controllable via Wifi and/or Bluetooth, while the latest ones also support a wired connection. Physically it’s likely simpler for waterproofing to use wireless control, which may be possible with an acrylic enclosure and keeping the distance between the camera and the onboard computer as short as possible (since water quite aggressively absorbs wifi signal). A wired connection may also be possible, although it would either require either

  • a way of waterproofing the cable connection
    • possibly via an external case, or some form of potting
  • including the gopro in the main electronics enclosure, using either

These other posts are somewhat related:

From a software perspective, a go-pro controller / handler would likely be a good candidate for a BlueOS extension, potentially by allowing access to some controls via a web interface that then presents one or more streams to the existing camera manager :slight_smile:

Hiya Eliot!
Apologies this slipped me - Go for it!

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