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Not able to Yaw Left

(Dave) #1

Hi All. I’m new here and just recently purchased a Blue ROV2. I have it fully assembled and have come across a few small issues that I would love some assistance on.

  1. All motors are running correctly and in the right direction however the YAW only works in one direction. No motors run at all when pushing the joystick to the right. This works perfect when pushed to the left. Is there something obvious I am missing. Checked all parameters and they all appear to be correct.

Calibrated the Joystick and feedback on screen is correct for all movements.

  1. Slight issue that I can probably overcome myself but would love to know if others had this issue and how they overcame it:

Left Joystick Up is Lateral Left
Left Joystick Down is Lateral Right
Left Joystick Left is Forward
Left Joystick Right is Reverse

Any help would be greatly appreciated


(Patrick José Pereira) #2

Hi @glide45,

In joystick settings, you can change your layout in TX mode, in the top-right corner.

(Dave) #3

I have tried the different layouts but none seem to work correctly. I am currently using 3. Nit being able toYAW is my bigger concern at the moment.

(Jacob) #4

Hi Dave, it sounds like there is some misunderstanding in the setup procedure. If the feedback of the slider indicators in the joystick page is not as expected, recalibrate the joystick and move the sticks according to the diagram in the upper right corner.

If the feedback of the slider indicators in the joystick page is correct, but the motors are spinning in the wrong direction, you likely missed the ‘configure motor directions’ step in the software setup. The directions that the motors spin depends on what order the three wires are physically connected, so an important step is to reverse individual motors as necessary in software.

If you are continuing to have trouble with this, please install TeamViewer and email support@bluerobotics.com so we may get in contact directly.

(Dave) #5

All issues sorted. YAW issue seems to have rectified itself. Controller issue was with thruster direction. In all my excitement I skipped over the motor configuring section.

System is working great now. Thanks for all the assistance.

Thanks Jacob for the prompt response.