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Nor being able to ping ROV from CMD

Hi, my problem is that I am trying to connect the ROV to my Computer to set up the Joystick Controller and this stuff. I am using a Fathom-X Tether Interface Board Set to connect my Computer to the ROV. This works with two Boards, one connected to the computer via USB (Power) and Ethernet (signal) and this board is connected to the other board through a signal cable (yellow and blue). The yellow cable is in the positive port on both boards, and the blue cable is in the negative port on both too. Using a multimeter, we can see that from one board to the other there is a connection, so this is not the problem. We have tried to replace the Ethernet cable multiple times, even if it works. The board in the ROV is connected to the Raspberry PI trough a Ethernet Cable, and the Raspberry PI is connected to the Pixhawk through USB and a voltage regulator (3A-6S UBEC)

Sorry for my English, and thank you everyone.

This is what I am getting when trying to ping the ROV: image
All the network settings are correctly set up.
The Pixhawk led’s color is flashing purple/yellow.

Have you set static IP adress on the computer?

Type ipconfig in CMD

See Network Settings for windows

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Check the LEDs in the raspberry, is there any activity? the ethernet port ones should be blinking too.