No connection to ping with BLUART USB to UART/TTL converter

Hi there

I’m having trouble connecting the Ping 1D to the computer with the BLUART converter and can’t figgure out what the problem is. The device doesn’t show up when i open pingviewer. I am able to see the converter in windows device manager and can also select the port manually in pingviewer. When i connect manually it is able to find the device (as the firmware tab apears), but it is not showing any data.


Hi @Simon_E, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear you’re having issues connecting to your sonar.

Please go through our Ping Viewer troubleshooting steps - there are a few relevant checks and suggestions there that may help.

If they don’t help to establish a connection, I recommend you contact to help sort out the issue. You’ll want to provide a list of the steps you’ve tried, as well as your order number (or an approximate order date), and preferably also a link to this forum thread so we know it’s the same person.

Connecting manually effectively tells Ping Viewer “I know the device I want can be connected to as I’ve specified, so pretend that it’s there, set yourself up to communicate with it, and wait for it to respond as expected”. The fact that the firmware option appears is just part of the setup it does when connecting to a Ping Sonar, so unfortunately is not a sign that the device has been detected.