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No connection between ping 360 Sonar and pc

Sonar and PC can be connected using USB.
However, the method of not connecting USB is not connecting. (UDP Method)

What should I do?

I just went through all of that last week, You have to up grade the software in your Rasberry pi you have to download it I received this Email below from Griselda at Blue Robitcs Support.

This tells me, more than likely, Companion needs to be updated. Lets start by updating it. I think that should help PingViwer detect the Ping360.

To check which Companion version you have, please review this information: Companion Computer Software · GitBook

All ROVs come with an early version of companion.

Here is how to update the software BlueROV2 Software, Computer, and Joystick Setup Instructions

As for your question “I forgot to ask, I am using PingViewer v2.1.0 is that the right app.” Yes, that is the correct application. You will always have the latest version if you download it from the product’s page.

I thank you for your patience and look forward to resolving the issue.)

Kind regards,

Griselda Torres

Hi @delphi, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’m not quite sure what you mean by this - could you provide some more information about what you’ve tried?
The UDP connection requires either:

  1. connect sonar via USB to the Raspberry Pi companion computer - it will provide a UDP endpoint that PingViewer can access through the tether, or
  2. rewire the sonar to use the ethernet interface instead of USB and send the ethernet signal directly to the top computer through the tether (possibly using a network switch so both ping360 and companion computer can send info via the fathom-X), then either configure your computer to assign the ping360 an IP in the 192.168.2.x range, or use the latest continuous release of PingViewer to detect a dynamically assigned Ping360 IP and/or force a static one (see this post for details)

Jim’s suggestion of updating your companion computer is a good one. Assuming you’re connecting the Ping360 in the first option I outlined then the companion update may be all that you need. When your ROV is connected, you can update from your browser using the companion computer web interface System page.

Sona’s connection is complete.
I updated the raspberry pie firmware.

Thank you.

Sona’s connection is complete.
I updated the raspberry pie firmware.

Now I have to proceed with the sonar test.

Should the sonar test be conducted in the tank?

Thank you.

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Glad that the companion update helped - always nice when something is a relatively easy fix :slight_smile:

PingViewer only allows water sound speeds for the Ping360 (~1500m/s, compared to ~343m/s in air). It doesn’t do any damage to turn on the sonar in the air, as long as it’s not getting too hot, but you won’t be able to see any meaningful readings until it’s in the water :slight_smile: