No camera stabilisation

Just upgraded to navigator/blueos. All has gone well except no camera stabilisation, although the box is ticked. It tilts up and down fine just no stabilisation. QGC 4.2.8 installed. BlueOS 1.1.1
Any ideas welcomed.

Managed to solve the issue, kinda - in parameters, selected servo 16 reverse and I have stabilisation. Ticking/unticking the box on the main page had no effect. Bizarre but it works and I am happy.

Hi @Teggles,

BlueOS is unrelated to the autopilot functionality, so I’ve updated your post to the ArduSub (autopilot firmware) category.

If your servo needed to be reversed then I would expect turning on the camera tilt compensation to cause exaggerated movements in the wrong direction until the servo was set to the correct direction. Not sure how it could have no effect until reversed.

Thanks, but working now. Perhaps the next update will remove the bug.